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Eagle Warrior Run Dance Edition 2020 Class Competition Prizes

The top class in each model with the most students registered on on Kick-Off Day wins 2 Boomers golf/go-kart passes & a Greentree Sticker Pack:
Mr. Abshier’s 6th Grade Traditional Class
Mr. Larson’s 3rd & 4th Grade Hybrid Class
Ms. Vedell’s 2nd Grade Virtual Class

Exclusive Just Dance videos for The Student Star Video Challenge on Day 1:
Mrs. Kimpler’s 1st/2nd Grade.

Movie Night Challenge on Day 2:
Eli C. from Miss Dayton’s 2nd Grade class.

Weekend Challenge on Day 3:
The following students will get Quantum Rings in their prize bags.

In Kimpler’s Class
Mrs. Kimpler
Mason T.
Jackson L.
Tate N.

In Humboldt’s Class
Kody V.
Hyunjin K.
Carter E.

In Abishier’s Class
Noah S.
Aiden A.
Bucky P.
Jacob M.

In Dayton’s Class
Lily S.
Brielle A.
Eaton’s Class
Anton H.

In Fogarty’s Class
Audree A.

In James’s Class
John F.
Audrey S.
Jonah N.

In Loomis’s Class
Wynan H.
Miller’s Class
Noah M.
Kinzley H.

In Patterson’s Class
Sonia W.
Keegan S.

In Vedell’s Class
Cruz G.
Vincent R.
Vyn’s Class
Liam C.

98 students that had your parents share your page by facebook, email or text:
ALL get Ninja Warrior Headbands - Too many to name.

Sweepstakes drawing to win one of 10 fabulous prizes.
$40 Door Dash Gift Cards for:
Jaxton A. (in James)
Levi L. (in Ruby)
Booster DJ Headphones for:
Leo C. (in Larson)
William C. (in Miller)
Lily S. (in Dayton)
Booster Skycopter for:
Ian M. (in Collier)
Pop Up Soccer for:
Savannah M. (in Dayton)
Disc Jams for:
Liam S. (in Vedell)
Vincent G. (in Dayton)
Julian R. (in Darwish)

Greentree Students with the Best Dance Moves:
These awesome students will all get an LED Disco Hoverball!

The Best Dancers in Traditional Model Classes are:

In Vyn's Kinder:
Audrey I.
Tina H.

In Maquiling's Kinder:
Aiden G.

In Miller's 1st Grade:
Kellyanne C.
Hazel L.
Bennett V.
Noah M.

In Dayton's 2nd Grade:
Annabelle C
Savannah M.
Jai C.
Rian B.

In James's 3rd Grade:
Autrey H.
Cemile O.
Daniel G.
Alex S.

In Fogarty's 4th Grade:
Audrey F.
Jonis V.
Cameron H.
Isabella R.

In Patterson's 5th Grade:
Zoey M.         
Ella J.
Steven S.          
Sam T.

In Abshier's 6th Grade:
Delyla M.    
Sierra M.
Cyrus H.             
Noah S.

The Best Dancers in Hybrid Model Classes are:
In Kimpler's 1st & 2nd Grade:
Addison S.      
Nathaly M.
Austin B.

In Larson's 3rd & 4th Grade:
Audrey S.            
Claire S.
Avin P.             
Jude T.

In Humboldt's 5th & 6th Grade:
Amalia G.    
Hannah L.
Tarron M.  
Trevor R.

The Best Dancers in IVA Model Classes are:
In Darwish's Kinder:
Layla Z.
Melody R.    
Isaiah S.
Christian H.

In Calore's Kinder & 1st Grade
Elle E.
Julain H.
Dylan A.   
Christian R.

In Mann's 1st Grade:
Teresa J.   
Cruz G.

In Vedell's 2nd Grade:
Ava B.    
Liam S.     
Cruz G.     
Vincent R.

In Arceo's 3rd Grade:
Karlie C.
Violet L.    
Austin A.
Jiwoo K.

In Eaton's 4th Grade:
Ana T.    
Pasha F.

In Ruby's 5th & 6th Grade:
Anika A.   
Ethan L.    
Jacob A.              
Levi L.

In Loomis's 6th Grade:
Aidan R.    
Wynan H.

Top Class in Each Model With Most Funds Raised:

These classes Get Dippin Dots!
Traditional: Mrs. Miller's 1st Grade
Hybrid: Mrs. Kimpler's 1st/2nd Grade
IVA: Ms. Vedell's 2nd Grade