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Meet Our 2020-22 PTA President

Updated: May 27, 2021

Mrs. Ana Marie Stewart has been a constant & positive influence on our teachers & students lives at Greentree for over 9 years. Those that know Ana would tell you she is humble, kind and easy to talk to. With the support of her loving husband, Sean she cares for her own 4 kids and the needs of countless others in constantly thinking of creative ways to enrich their lives and educational goals both at home and at school.

As a PTA board we are confident that having Ana as our fearless leader this year will help us create strong goals that can be fulfilled no matter the learning model. Ana would LOVE to see our students feel connected to one another socially and to find creative ways for parents and teachers to connect and get to know one another despite the unconventional circumstances this year.

You can reach out to her by emailing her directly.

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